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José Eduardo Martins highlights in advance the main issues of COP26

One week before the start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), Antena 2 (a Portuguese public radio) invited José Eduardo Martins, Partner at Abreu Advogados, to explain on the program “Palavras Cruzadas”, what he expects from the largest climate summit.

On Dalila Carvalho’s radio show, the Abreu Advogados lawyer and environmental law specialist explains what to expect from this conference, which this year will be particularly focused on: redirecting global efforts to combat climate change in an environment radically changed by the pandemic, the regulation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, which determines the functioning of the regulated carbon market and the definition of methodologies to benchmark emission reductions.

“It’s going to be a summit of a lot of declarations and a lot of will, but little action. I think the day-to-day of what we are experiencing is demonstrating that. In round numbers, the European Union is responsible for almost 10% of world emissions and Asia is responsible for 50%. Of that 50%, almost 30% are from China. What happened when we came out of the pandemic? When we started to have the cost of oil and energy going up, China and also India started to produce energy with coal which is the most polluting of the fossil fuels and which is in great abundance. Therefore, I think that what will happen in Glasgow is a challenge a thousand times repeated at COP26”, says José Eduardo Martins.

Listen to the complete interview here [the interview is in Portuguese].

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