Come and join us

At Abreu Advogados people are our priority. This is why we continually invest in people and in their diverse strengths, in order to ensure a highly focused team that is able to respond to our client’s needs, understanding each detail in a transaction, by anticipating any problem and finding solutions.


We are open

We are open-minded and open to new challenges, new ideas and new projects. Here, everyone has a say, everyone has the freedom and autonomy to think freely about the matters they are assigned to and the firm’s life.

Sharing knowledge is part of our routine. Our Law and Technology Award is a small part of what we do to attract people who think differently.


We are diverse

Diversity is a part our DNA and each person’s individuality is respected. We have in place policies to help reconcile personal and professional life so that people with different lives and demands can have equal opportunities.


We are sustainable

We have the most structured Sustainability Project in the industry. We have a Committee which brings together people from the firm’s wide-ranging business areas. Our employees are our Project’s number 1 advocates and everyone has a chance to participate, contribute ideas and lead sustainability initiatives.


Why Abreu?

If our Style is also your Style and if you want to help us write the future of our Story, come and join us.


Your Future



Abreu Advogados has its doors always open to talent and in the course of our more than 25 years we have welcomed lawyers from different areas, with a culture and working methods similar to our own. We embrace diversity and complementarity and we know that our brand and our knowledge can always improve when we are joined by lawyers who are competent, technically excellent and ethically committed.

If you feel that Abreu Advogados could be your professional project and that joining a law firm with our History and Style fit into your way of thinking and acting and that together we can create synergies, contact us and come to know our Project.


Business Support

Business Support

No Law Firm can ever be successful if it does not have by its side a strong and competent support team. Abreu Advogados values its support people because it knows that without them it can not move forward. If our Story catches your eye and if you fit into our Style and believe you can add value to our Project, do get in touch with us and come to visit.

Law Internships

Law Internships

#PeopleLikeYou | The first steps of your professional path will be decisive for your future and as experience will certainly show you, the people with whom you will make your way are more important than you imagine at this moment.

The Internship Program we propose for you to start your professional path is an extraordinary adventure that will put you side-by-side with unforgettable professionals and clients.

Besides a technical dimension that will enrich your knowledge and expand your understanding of the
understanding of the “legal business,” our Internship Program combines the science of law with the humanity of broad, joyful people who have fun working.

Throughout your journey you will have the unconditional support of a wide range of professionals driven to help you achieve your ambitions.

In addition to a pair of Mentors, you will also have an Internship Manager, who will ensure that you feel heard, accompanied and that you are growing in line with everyone’s expectations.

This is the Program that will broaden your perspectives of Law and where you will daily exceed what you imagine you are capable of.

With us you will have the opportunity to work with some of the largest global law firms, with the most reputable national and international companies, financial institutions, collaborate with public and private organizations of high merit, and contribute to the success of the social economy.

Join us and come feel the power of talent, with purpose and happiness.

Summer Traineeships and Winter Traineeships

Summer Traineeships and Winter Traineeships

Every year, we offer summer and winter traineeships to Law students, giving them the opportunity to put their future into practice.

Our aim is to allow students to experience the reality of a legal practice in a Law Firm so that they can have a realistic idea of their future career.

For 2 months, usually July and August or February and March, we offer students the chance to work in a professional and dynamic environment where they can learn new skills, get to know different practice areas and take part in the day to day activities of Abreu Advogados.


  • Summer Traineeship: April
  • Winter Traineeship: November/December

Decision by:

  • Summer Traineeship: 15 May
  • Winter Traineeship:  15 January


  • Summer Traineeship: 1 July
  • Winter Traineeship: 1 February

Duration: 2 months

Legal Clinics

Legal Clinics

Our Legal Clinics programme was born under the scope of a partnership established between Abreu Advogados and the Portuguese Catholic University. It takes place annually between February and May.

This programme, a “learn by doing” based training, enables students to acquire a deeper understanding of the practical scope of Law. Under the guidance and supervision of Professors and Lawyers, students are given the opportunity to put the knowledge they acquired into practice.

Duration: 3 months

Start: March

Work Experiences

Work Experiences

Student’s growing interest and curiosity about the practical side of Law and taking up a career in legal services at a large Law Firm, led Abreu Advogados to create the programme “Work Experiences” for Law students (1st , 2nd , 3rd year) and senior high school students (12th year), with the following objectives:

  • Foster legal literacy and create an engaging relationship between Abreu Advogdos and law students;
  • Provide students with their first experience in practicing law and acquaint them with values and culture of Abreu;
  • Identify new talent.

Work Experience can have the duration of 1 or 2 weeks, where students have the opportunity to experience the daily routine of practicing law for the first time, in a large firm with international connections, and get a general overview of the activities carried out by our support teams.