Abreu Advogados Award

Abreu Advogados Knowledge Institute launched the 6th edition of the Abreu Advogados Award, an initiative dedicated to innovative research, relevant to the practice of law.

The Abreu Advogados Award aims to encourage innovation in the resolution of legal problems. Papers in new legal areas or with a markedly innovative approach will be accepted.

The winner of this competition will receive a monetary prize of 7.500 Euros, and his/her work will be submitted for publication in Edições Almedina.

The 2023 edition continues one of the most recognised awards in the legal sector in Portugal. The Abreu Advogados Award aims to promote the articulation between legal science and the practice of law, being one of the main hallmarks of the work developed since 2012 by Abreu Advogados’ Knowledge Institute.

Who is this competition aimed at?

Law graduates of Portuguese nationality or from Portuguese-speaking countries, but it is open to researchers of other nationalities who are connected to a Portuguese university or research centre.

How can I apply?

Candidates should send their application to the email address [email protected], attaching the following documents:

    • The paper in Word format and in pdf format;
    • A summary in Portuguese and English, with a maximum of 20 pages and a list of the main bibliographical references (up to a maximum of 40 entries);
    • The Curriculum Vitae;
    • A declaration, signed under oath, that the work is the result of the applicant’s own original research, without any unidentified use of other people’s work;
    • The application will be accompanied by two printed copies of the work, by mail, in a sealed envelope, to the Abreu Advogados Knowledge Institute, Av. Infante D. Henrique, 26 – 1149-096 Lisbon.

What is the deadline for applications?

Applications must be submitted by 31 August.

How is the winner selected?

A jury composed of Abreu Advogados’ Team members, university professors, high court judges and other jurists of recognized merit will select the winning entry.

How can I find out more about this Award?

For more information, consult the regulation here.


Alexandre Dias Pereira

Diogo Pereira Duarte

Filipa Calvão

Isabel Marques da Silva

Luís Gonçalves da Silva

Marta Costa

Paulo Pereira Gouveia

Paulo de Tarso Domingues