From our Stylebook
  • We believe that only by complementing each other will we be able to create synergies;
  • We affirm our heritage through the coherence of our decisions;
  • We act and manage by example;
  • We know that our success depends upon our capacity to innovate and integrate the new technologies into the practice of law;
  • We promote a spirit of tolerance amongst ourselves so that we may promote a spirit of demand with each other’s performance;
  • We are free to manage our daily schedule because we know that we act responsibly throughout its course;
  • We use all our knowledge to prevent problems or to provide solutions to our Clients;
  • We look at each complaint as an opportunity to grow and improve;
  • We simply say NO to anyone who wishes to use our services for less ethical purposes;
  • We obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification so as to impose absolute rigor to our processes and procedures;
  • We are aware of the need to respond quickly to the requests of our Clients;
  • We do not discriminate. Period!
  • We keep the door of our offices always open. Open to dialogue too.

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