Abreu Advogados launches documentary to celebrate 30 years of stories


Abreu Advogados has launched a documentary to celebrate its 30-year history, a true testimony told in three episodes by the firm’s protagonists about the essence, dynamism and responsibility that distinguish it and the future it is building today.

This documentary miniseries tells the story and reveals details about Abreu’s DNA which, over these three decades, has undergone significant transformations, creating differentiating dynamics that have contributed to reinforcing its role as one of the most innovative companies in the Portuguese market. This documentary includes exclusive statements from some of the main players in Abreu’s history, who explain in the first person what the company’s development has been over the years.

The documentary also includes the participation of managers from relevant companies (Imperial and Randstad) and academic experts from NOVA School of Law and Católica Global School of Law.


The first episode focuses on the beginnings of Abreu Advogados. Find out how the firm was born and grew and what the differences were in terms of thinking and strategy in terms of market perspective.

The second episode focuses on the firm’s humanist project and Abreu Advogados’ own culture of attracting and retaining talent, focussed on sustainability, innovation and culture.

The third episode emphasises Abreu Advogados’ links with the community, its partners and associations. It’s an episode focused on the future and how the firm is preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

The launch of this documentary culminates the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Abreu Advogados which, throughout 2023, promoted various initiatives and events that contributed to thinking about tomorrow.