What have we done in the past thirty years?

We have worked with passion and commitment to change the world.

And we will continue to do so, day after day.

We have opened doors to the future, closely following changes. Being part of them.

We broke to rebuild. We have broken down barriers, borders and even conventions. We are confident that this is the only way to build the future.

We have been interpreters so that everyone understands the language of Law, a language beyond words and which unites us towards a better world.

But the real question is what remains to be done.

What do we want for the next 30 years?

We want to continue to put the future in progress every day.

Because despite the great pride we feel when we look back at the past, we are focused on preparing what is yet to come with drive, ambition, audacity and humanism.


We are progress. We are the future. We are the future in progress.

What does it mean to put the future in progress?

Over the last 30 years, we have built a society in which the future is part of our daily lives. We celebrate the values that have supported us throughout this journey, side by side with technology and the disruptive spirit that represents us.

Over these 30 years, we have built a law firm in which the future is part of our daily lives.

We bring the future to the present day in a different and innovative way. Traditionally the anniversary is celebrated with the past in mind, at Abreu Advogados we celebrate what is yet to come. For this reason we dared to think differently. During this year we will organise a series of initiatives to think about the future, bringing together specialists in different areas and professionals from various fields.

When we thought about the graphic identity to mark this anniversary and represent our values and ambition, we decided not to stick to the traditional and simple 30 year stamp.

From restlessness and collaboration came the idea: why not dare and see what technology and artificial intelligence can bring us. Thus, the entire graphic identity for our 30th anniversary resulted from a collaborative process, which brought together lawyers and professionals from different areas of society, creative consultants, designers and an artificial intelligence platform called “Midjourney”, which generates images based on key words.

From the collaboration between humans and the intelligence of the future comes a rich, dense and profound graphic identity that represents more than what we have been, it represents what we want to continue to be.

Each column of our identity and history has been represented facing the intelligence of tomorrow. We celebrate this anniversary by putting the Future in Progress with humanism, knowledge, sustainability, independence, collaboration, diversity, energy, audacity, innovation, and transparency


We want to go beyond the obvious. We explore the limits of legal knowledge to find solutions that are as rigorous as they are innovative to the most complex challenges. We do not confuse change with disruption, nor innovation with experimentalism, but we are not afraid to take risks.


We believe that challenges are more easily overcome when they are faced together. We work as a team internally and feel part of our clients' and partners' team. We define common goals, share knowledge, skills, projects and resources.


The development and sharing of knowledge is in all areas of our activity. we encourage research and critical thinking: they are essential in a competitive economy and in ever-changing societies.


We promote a healthy work environment, which encourages autonomy and work-life balance, promotes creativity, and stimulates complementarity and personal development.


We are driven by the will to help our customers and to be part of the solutions to their projects, problems, or doubts. We put all our commitment and enthusiasm into this purpose and, therefore, we overcome obstacles with dynamism and creativity. We work to anticipate trends, to always improve the quality of our services and the speed of our response. We are ahead not because we run more than others, but because we started first.


We are a law firm of people for people. Our clients are at the center of our activity. We think and act committed to the defense of their interests, as well as to our lawyers and employees who make us what we are. We promote a healthy and inclusive work environment that encourages autonomy and a balance between professional and family life, promotes creativity and stimulates complementarity and personal development.


We lead and seek to inspire through the independence we put into practice every day. Our actions and decisions are founded on it, as well as on integrity, ethics and professional rigor. These are mirrored in the responsibility with which we relate to our stakeholders and in the quality of the solutions we provide.


New ideas, new approaches, and new methods are part of our everyday life. We are particularly attentive to technological progress and the digital transition. We are committed to knowledge without barriers and without borders. Innovation is part of our organisational culture and is present in all aspects of our business.


Commitment to sustainability is part of our way of being. Throughout our history, this identity mark has motivated us to take an active role in building something more than a law firm. Just as we do not limit ourselves to our own interests, we do not waste resources. We are actively at the service of the society of which we are a part.


We work with clarity, promoting an open dialogue that builds trust and leads to lasting synergies with customers and partners. They count on us, and they know what they can count on from us. We are grateful to them for this trust, and we seek to reciprocate.