Knowledge Institute

Founded in 2012, Abreu Advogados Knowledge Institute is a cornerstone of the Abreu Advogados’ strategy. In a law firm that is innovative and open to the community firm, it is important to produce and share knowledge which is relevant for the practice of law. Cooperation among universities, investigation centres, companies and other institutions is paramount. Lastly, technical and behavioural training and updating is an ongoing concern.

Abreu Advogados Knowledge Institute enables to leverage the technical, organizational and human credibility which is the driving force of the firm’s conduct, with the purpose of meeting the high expectations of our clients.

Our mission is to:

  • Foster technical-legal update and provide training on soft, business and digital skills to Abreu Advogados’ employees;
  • Provide opportunities to share our knowledge with companies and the general public, specifically through courses, seminars, talks, conferences and workshops;
  • Work with universities and research centres in Portugal and abroad;
  • Promote the publication of legal texts written by Abreu Advogados’ lawyers and employees, particularly, through the Knowledge Institute Collection, the Legal Forum (in partnership with Almedina), and other initiatives;
  • Reward research in Law with the Abreu Advogados Award which aims to thank and promote the publication of more substantive works that bring an element of innovation on new or old topics;
  • Foster a digital culture in a world marked by the digital transformations;
  • Develop initiatives that benefit from knowledge gathering and that open up Abreu Advogados to the corporate arena and innovation ecosystems.

Innovation, knowledge, social responsibility. The Knowledge Institute is a tool for creating and sharing new knowledge, aimed especially at Abreu Advogados’ clients and lawyers, but open to a wider public, especially through digital channels.

Luís Barreto Xavier

President of the Knowledge Institute


E. [email protected]

T. (+351) 217 ​​231 800

F. (+351) 217 ​​231 899