Sustainability is part of the DNA of Abreu Advogados.

This is a commitment that forms part of our identity, that we express with pride in our Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics and that has led us assume an active role building something more than just a law firm over the course of our history.

We believe that the growth of any organisation is anchored in its individuals feeling fulfilled, but this feeling doesn’t just depend upon the organisation to which they belong. It depends on a balance of family, social, environmental and professional factors and our goal is that these factors combine in a perfect balance through the people that form Abreu Advogados.

That’s why we will always be a law firm committed to the fulfilment of those who collaborate with us and also of the community that we’re part of.

Since 2015, we are the only Law Firm in Portugal certified as B Corp, and as such, we are committed to use our practice as a force for good. We want to serve as an example in the construction of a culture that values, supports and promotes best practice at a social, economic and environmental level.

Only in this way can we be a law firm engaged with sustainable development, as part of a deep respect for people, the environment and future generations.

Guiding principles

  • Promotion of the future: Recognise the importance of our work as lawyers defending the Rule of Law and sustainable development
  • Responsible lawyering: Develop balanced, transparent and responsible relationships with our stakeholders.
  • Protection of the Environment: Promote an active response to environmental problems.
  • Management of Human Assets: Seek the development of our colleagues as a differentiating factor.
  • Involvement with the community: Promote investment in the community and stimulate the development of society in general.

Strategic action axes

We align our action with the ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Governance).