Our commitment: As an economic activity, legal work generates a major environmental impact, above all via CO2 emissions related to business travel, consumption of paper and the use of energy associated with the workplace. Abreu Advogados is committed to reducing its environmental footprint.


We assume this role as part of a major global challenge in combatting climate change and because of this we have established the important commitment of improving the environmental performance of our offices.

We ensure the development of measures capable of managing and monitoring the impact of our business:

  • Policy of 3 R’s: Reduce; reuse and recycle;
  • Paper@less Programme (reduction of consumption of paper);
  • Reduction of use of plastic;
  • Travel options that minimise the emissions of CO2;
  • Communication systems that allow us to favour online meetings;
  • At Abreu Advogados headquarters in the heart of Alfama, we launched an urban regeneration project in which we maintained the essence of the building and promoted a more rational use of resources. The building is equipped with a domotic system with control of light; a system of temperature control that allows for an automatic regulation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning; a monitoring system in order to avoid leaks in water pipes; solar panels in the bathrooms and more efficient windows and frames.