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Diogo Pereira Duarte joins the Market Contact Group on the Digital Euro

Diogo Pereira Duarte, Professional Partner at Abreu Advogados and professor at the Faculty of Law – University of Lisbon, was one of the experts selected by the Bank of Portugal to join the Market Contact Group on the Digital Euro, which will, over the next few months, discuss the main options regarding the development and distribution of a potential digital euro and the opportunities that its introduction may bring to the various sectors of activity in Portugal.

The digital euro project, which is being developed by the Eurosystem – which comprises the European Central Bank and the central banks of the Euro area – is in a research phase until the end of 2023. During this time, the functional and technical developments for its implementation are being studied. The aim of the digital euro will not be to replace physical cash, but to increase the range of payment options available to Eurozone citizens. If issued, the digital euro will be the Eurosystem’s Central Bank Digital Currency.

The Group now created by Banco de Portugal comprises more than 20 experts, selected based on their professional experience and involvement in the financial system and, particularly, in the payments area.

The work of the Market Contact Group on the Digital Euro started last week and will continue throughout the research phase of the project until the end of 2023.

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