Criminal, Sanctions and Compliance

The Criminal, Sanctions and Compliance team at Abreu Advogados is composed of a group of lawyers with vast accumulated experience in representing clients in complex cases, whether of a criminal nature or of an administrative nature, providing specialized and personalized legal advice.

Within Criminal Law, the team has solid accumulated experience, which includes representing natural and legal persons in the most diverse criminal proceedings, with a special focus on economic and financial crimes, corruption, fraud, tax crimes and money laundering, as well as on criminal proceedings involving political and public officeholders.

Regarding administrative offences, the team’s experience covers all the regulated sectors, especially banking and capital markets, health and the insurance sectors.

The team has also been carrying out important work in cases in other areas, where there is a relationship with criminal or administrative offences, such as those falling within the jurisdiction of the Court of Auditors in proceedings related to indemnities arising from  criminal cases brought against political and public officeholders, as well as good standing assessments conducted by the Bank of Portugal and sanction procedures governed by the General Labour Law for Public Administration.

Legal advice in Compliance matters – in several sectors of activity – has been an important part of the team’s activity, in which it has adopted a risk prevention perspective, based on a personalized handling of each client, in order to match the specific risk prevention measures required in each individual case, covering:

  • Creation, implementation, review and monitoring of Compliance programmes;
  • Carrying out due diligences within the implementation of internal control systems or in specific transactions;
  • Investigations and internal audits;
  • Training of Managers, Directors, Compliance-Officers, Data Protection Officers and other employees;
  • Models of corporate governance;
  • Prevention of corruption and money laundering;
  • Crisis management;
  • Cybersecurity.

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