Guilherme Santos Silva

Partner | Lisbon

Guilherme Santos Silva is a Partner at Abreu Advogados since 2004, working primarily on matters related to civil, commercial and transportation litigation matters, as well as on domestic and international arbitrations, for more than 28 years.

Guilherme is the co-head of Abreu Advogados’ Litigation & Arbitration practice, working in highly complex international and multi-jurisdictional commercial litigation and arbitration proceedings.

With a vast experience in national and international arbitration and litigation proceedings, he has been representing clients in proceedings linked to multiple jurisdictions, such as, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, China, Switzerland, Angola, Germany, France, Israel, Brazil, BVI and Holland in addition to Portugal.

Guilherme Santos Silva is a listed arbitrator of “Concordia – Centre of Conciliation, Mediation of Conflicts and Arbitration”.

Additionally, he has led several cases related to construction, sale, mortgages, seizures and enforcement of debt on ships and airplanes and provided assistance throughout the respective litigation proceedings.

Guilherme Santos Silva is author of several articles on matters related to his practice, specifically arbitration, litigation and maritime and transportation law, published in national and international publications. He has lately been co-author of the commentated Arbitration Law of Mozambique.

Moreover, Guilherme, who is also the co-head of the Angolan Desk of Abreu Advogados and works often, in the sphere of the cooperation with local law firms, with Angolan companies, as well as from other Portuguese speaking African countries, having a deep knowledge of the legislation in a wide range of sectors.

He has been actively working in the Angolan market for close to 20 years assisting clients from Oil & Gas sector, Construction and Maintenance, Real Estate, Aviation, Shipping and Telecommunications, on General Business, Corporate and Commercial matters, as well as related to Dispute Resolution.

Arbitration and Mediation, Portugal (2020-2022)

Corporate Law, Portugal (2020-2022)

Litigation Law, Portugal (2020-2022)

Transportation Law, Portugal (2010-2022)

Guilherme Santos Silva acts on maritime law cases as part of a wider practice which spans dispute resolution and financing issues.

Guilherme Santos Silva co-leads the team and offers advice to large international corporations on high-value, multi-jurisdictional litigation matters. His expertise encompasses civil and commercial disputes.

Band 4, Dispute Resolution “Guilherme Santos Silva comes recommended by sources, who state that his “advocacy and thinking on his feet are top-class.” He represents clients in commercial and civil litigation as well as transportation litigation, frequently acting for clients in regulated sectors.”

Band 4, Dispute Resolution “Peers note Guilherme Santos Silva’s experience in ship registration and mortgage enforcement mandates. He also acts for insurers on commercial litigation relating to contracts of carriage.”

Best Lawyer of the year – Transportation Law (2016)


Advising a multinational Client in an international dispute with several Angolan parties involving an ICC arbitration in Paris (the Arbitral Tribunal ordered the other parties to pay the Client an amount in excess of USD 650 million), as well as Court proceedings in several countries, including Angola, France, BVI and the Netherlands.

Advising a Chinese Client in an International dispute regarding an 800 million USD contract in the sphere of solar energy, involving an ICC arbitration in Geneva, as well as Court proceedings in Portugal and China.

Advising an UK Bank in an international dispute regarding a 400 million EUR contract in the Media sector, involving several Court proceedings in Portugal.

Advising a Spanish Energy company in an arbitration in Portugal against a Portuguese energy company.

Advising a Portuguese Shipyard in a dispute in excess of 40 million EUR, involving several Court proceedings and an arbitration in Portugal.

Advising an Angolan independent power producer in an Ad-hoc Uncitral arbitration against an Angola’s state Company.

Advising a Swiss Client in a dispute against an American company involving Court proceedings in Portugal and UK.

Advising a Portuguese company in LCIA arbitration (London) proceedings filed by a foreign company.

Advising an American Client in the EPC contract for the Angola LNG.

Advising Angola LNG consortium in several matters regarding the Angola LNG project.

Advising a Brazilian Client with the sale (1 billion USD) of a Portuguese subsidiary with interests in Angola.

Advising an Israeli Client in Court proceedings in Portugal involving the wet lease of an aircraft.

Advising an Australian shipyard on an international public tender for the construction of passenger catamarans to be used in Portugal and subsequent Court proceedings regarding the tender.

Advising an Angolan state company in Court proceedings in Portugal filed by a Portuguese company.

Advising an Angolan Client regarding a multimillion USD contract and an arbitration in Russia.

Advising a foreign Client with the purchase of a participation in an off-shore deep water wind farm.



Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Law degree (1991)