Practice Areas: Employment

Type: Abreu News

AIJA’s Half Year Conference in Dubai with Abreu Advogados

This conference, organized by the International Association of Young Lawyers, of which Marta de Oliveira Pinto Trindade, Partner at Abreu Advogados, is an Honorary Member, was held last week in Dubai.

Abreu Advogados Partner was the moderator of the Labour & Immigration Law Commission’s session “White-Collar Crimes, Human Resources Issue or Matter for Prosecution? Possible Escalation to Victimization and How to Prevent It”, in which the importance of adopting a global, integrated and structured vision in the analysis and treatment of potential infractions by workers was discussed.

In parallel, Marta de Oliveira Pinto Trindade also participated in the commission’s academic programme, as well as in the “Run For Human Rights”, organised jointly with the Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal and the Emirates Human Rights Studies Centre, to contribute to raising awareness on this matter.

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