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Abreu Advogados lectures at Nova University Law School

Abreu Advogados participates in the graduation course at Universidade Nova Law School, teaching the Interdisciplinary Legal Practice class to 4th year law students.

The class is be taught by Pedro Alves da Silva, Partner at Abreu Advogados, who will be joined in class by several colleagues from different practice areas of Abreu Advogados.

Miguel Teixeira de Abreu, Marta Romano de Castro, António Pina, Diogo Pereira Duarte, Isabel Pinheiro Torres, Jorge Morais, Ricardo Henriques, José Maria Alves Pereira, Madalena Caldeira, Cláudia Ribeiro da Silva, Patrícia Viana, Tiago Mendonça de Castro, Maria Inês Assis, Joana Maldonado Reis, Alexandra Courela, Luís Barreto Xavier and Inês Sequeira Mendes participate in the course.

The aim of the Interdisciplinary Legal Practice classes is to prepare their students to recognise and apply the most important rules and trends in a real and temporally limited basic case (with the inherent advantages from the point of view of the lesser constraint of confidentiality obligations related to the terms and conditions of the legal transaction), in the legal-transacional field, applicable to the transfer of a company, through an up-to-date revisitation of the base case, providing them with theoretical and practical tools that will enable them to identify and face, from the inside and/or outside, the normative and practical realities of this type of legal business.