ESG: from undelayable priority to an irrefutable opportunity

Inês Sequeira Mendes, Managing Partner at Abreu Advogados, signs an opinion article in Prémio magazine on the urgency and the efforts necessary for organisations to adopt ESG criteria in their short and medium term strategies.

In the article, the Partner of the firm states that “the answer to the question “where are we going?” on the subject of ESG may appear a complex exercise in futurology, but this depends above all on the circumstances and adaptability of each economy: the weakness and rigidities in the Portuguese case are well-knonw. Despite the growing openness and interest of the national business class for this theme and the adoption of the respective short and medium term strategies – for which success competes alongside the digital transformation ongoing in parallel and that accelerated due to the pandemic – this requires a serious effort to adapt that shall not be without pain.”

Read the full article here.

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