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Abreu Advogados, JLA Advogados and UEM organize conference on the challenges of Arbitration in Mozambique

Abreu Advogados, JLA Advogados (partner in Mozambique) and Eduardo Mondlane University, organized the conference “Reflections on the Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation Law and its possible reform”, in partnership with Escolar Editora and Instituto de Conhecimento da Abreu Advogados (Knowledge Institute).

During this conference, Guilherme Santos Silva, partner at Abreu Advogados, André Pereira da Fonseca, professional partner, and Luís Marques Mendes, of counsel, presented the book “Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation Law of Mozambique Commented”.

With the aim of discussing the current challenges of arbitration procedure in Mozambique, this initiative brings together several national and international experts and is divided into two panels: “What to take into account when drafting the Arbitration Clause?” and “Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation Law of Mozambique. Is a reform necessary?”.

In addition to the Conference, Abreu Advogados and its Knowledge Institute, together with JLA Advogados, reactivated the protocol of collaboration and institutional cooperation with the Eduardo Mondlane University Law School (UEM). The document was signed in Maputo by representatives of the four institutions and consists of the renewal, in deeper terms, of a collaboration protocol that had been signed in 2012.

The agreement provides for joint initiatives aimed at promoting the creation and dissemination of knowledge about legal practice in Mozambique. This cooperation covers the joint organization of conferences and workshops, as well as the participation of Abreu Advogados and JLA Advogados in conferences, courses and publications promoted by the Law School of UEM. In the area of training, there are plans for internship programmes and scholarships for the best graduating law students.