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On the path towards the new reality, how to empower the metaverse through Law?

This is the question that Luís Barreto Xavier, of counsel at Abreu Advogados law firm and president of the firm’s Knowledge Institute, answers in the introduction article of the e-book dedicated to the metaverse.

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The metaverse is a reality under construction, the components of which are the object of significant investments, especially by the big tech companies, starting with the company formerly known as Facebook, Meta. Several studies project for the coming years a dizzying increase in the volume of business related to the metaverse. It is predicted that companies who best master the metaverse will have a much greater chance of success than those that do not invest in it.

However, there are still many unknowns.

First of all, as far as its construction is concerned. How long will it take for the metaverse technologies to mature? Which models will prevail among the alternatives imagined today? What degree of interoperability will be achieved? What will be the weight of big tech in comparison with other players? What level of control will individual or corporate users have? Will regional, social and generational inequalities increase?

Also with regard to its use. Will it be predominantly professional and commercial (B2B) or mostly linked to entertainment (gaming) and consumption (B2C)? Will it replace the social networks era, materialising the transition to the so-called Web3? What kind of connection will it have with the blockchain ecosystem, and especially with cryptoactive and NFTs?

Read the ebook here, and learn more about: Trademarks and Copyright, Due diligence of intangible assets in the metaverse, Data protection, ESG and the metaverse, Real estate law applications, Metaverse and financial system, Digital inheritance, Tax challenges, Metaverse at the service of the public interest, The world of work and the metaverse, M&A in the metaverse, Treatment of sensitive personal data and minors, Civil liability and Litigation in the metaverse.

The authors, lawyers from Abreu Advogados, are: Alexandra Courela, Benedita Marques Pombo, César Bessa Monteiro Jr, Cláudia Isabel Costa, Daniela Ferreira Faria, Gonçalo Malheiro, João Diogo Barbosa, João Vacas, José Maria Alves Pereira, Mafalda Teixeira de Abreu, Margarida Castillo Silva, Maria Rubina Silva, Maria Santa Martha, Marta Pinto Trindade, Matilde Carvalho e Cortinhal, Matilde Ortins de Bettencourt, Paulo de Tarso Domingues, Ricardo Henriques and Susana A. Duarte, Marta Costa.