Paulo de Tarso Domingues

Partner | Oporto

Paulo de Tarso Domingues is a non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Abreu Advogados.

Partner since 2009, works primarily on corporate law and arbitration.

He is a Law Professor at Porto University where he has been teaching classes in the area of Commercial since 1998.

He is a Visiting Professor teaching in various universities in Portugal and abroad.

He participates in lectures, conferences, seminars and postgraduate and Masters’ courses primarily in corporate law and specifically at  Salamanca University Faculty of Law, Timor-Leste University, State University of Rio de Janeiro Faculty of Law, Coimbra University Faculty of Law, Lisbon University Faculty of Law, Portuguese Catholic University (Porto and Lisbon) Minho University School of Law, Nova University, Lisbon.

He has authored over 80 works including monographs and scientific articles published in national and international publications, specifically on corporate law. Of note, he participated in the publishing of the study manual “Estudos de direito das sociedades”, Almedina, Coimbra, 2015 (12th edition), Coimbra, Almedina, and his participation in the commented Companies, vols. I to VII, published by pela Almedina.

Arbitration and Mediation, Portugal (2020-2022)

Corporate Law, Portugal (2020-2022)

Litigation, Portugal (2020-2022)

Paulo de Tarso Domingues has extensive experience in commercial matters, real estate transactions and corporate restructuring procedures. He is also adept at handling disputes, and is recognised as a “very renowned arbitrator” in the Porto market.

“Paulo de Tarso Domingues regularly acts on complex tax corporate and commercial matters including public procurement projects and tax issues. He advised I-Sete on intellectual property rights and public procurements, and is also an effective litigator and arbitration counsel. Source confirm: “Clients very much like him, and he’s very wise.””


He participates as presiding arbitrator and arbitrator appointed by a party in arbitration proceedings.

He is the Chairman at different companies.

He provides legal opinions and legal consultations.

He has, over recent years, coordinated several acquisitions operations and advised on multiple corporate transactions.

As a lawyer he advises his clients on matters related to Litigation (Arbitration and Mediation, Civil Litigation, Corporate Litigation), Commercial Law (Corporate Law and Corporate Insolvency and Recovery).



Portuguese Catholic University

Law degree from the Portuguese Catholic University/Porto (1987)

University of Coimbra

LLM from the University of Coimbra Faculty of Law Corporate-Legal Sciences with a thesis titled “Do Capital Social – Noção, Princípios e Funções” [On Registered Capital – Notions, Principles and Functions] in 1997

Porto University

Doctorate in Law from Porto University Faculty of La won Civil Law Sciences (in the area of Commercial Law ), with a thesis “Variações sobre o Capital Social” [Variations on Registered Capital] in 2009.