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Wie können wir Sie unterstützen? [German translation of: How can we help you?]

With a historical connection to the German-speaking market, the German Desk at Abreu provides personalized services adapted to the needs of each client, tracking them in all phases of the process of entry and investment in this market.

The German-speaking market and especially Germany is one of Portugal’s main strategic and commercial partners and the investment opportunities between the two markets have increased considerably over the last few years. Between 2017 and 2022, direct investment from Germany in Portugal grew by more than 50% and exports to Germany have gone up by 16%. A trend that has been followed by other countries in the German-speaking market, namely Austria and Switzerland.

The highly qualified Portuguese workforce, combined with social cohesion and the historical relations between the two markets, has been promoting an increasing commercial dynamic and increasing the investment potential between these countries.

In response to the growing interest of German speaking citizens and companies in investing or residing in Portugal, and also the increased demand for German speaking markets by national investors, the Abreu German Desk team develops, on a daily basis, a set of specialized services, entirely in German, customized and adapted to the needs of each client, following them in all phases of the entry and investment process in these markets.

The German Desk Abreu offers a complete set of legal advisory services in the areas of NHR, sustainability, labor law, tax or real estate, corporate and M&A, among others. A multidisciplinary team designed according to the challenges with extensive experience in particular with the manufacturing, automotive and information technology sectors.

Through the Abreu International network, the German Desk also assists companies or individuals who wish to invest in partner countries such as Angola, Mozambique or Guinea-Bissau.

With a close connection to the Portuguese-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and to the teams of embassies and consulates of the several countries, the Abreu German Desk is coordinated by Pedro Pessanha and Hugo Teixeira.

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