Fernando Veiga Gomes

Fernando Veiga Gomes is a Partner and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2009, working mainly on matters related to corporate mergers and acquisitions, and sports law, in Portugal and internationally. During his career, has been building an extensive experience in advising on transactions in matters related with transport law, sport law, real estate law… Continue reading Fernando Veiga Gomes

Duarte de Athayde

Duarte de Athayde joined Abreu in 2006 and he was Managing Partner from 2014 until April 2021. He has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abreu Advogados since April 2021. He works primarily on the structuring of foreign investment and on acquisition operations in the Portuguese market, particularly the real estate sector,… Continue reading Duarte de Athayde

Bernardo de Arrochela Alegria

Bernardo de Arrochela Alegria is a Partner and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2008 working primarily on corporate restructuring operations, on aspects related to corporate, privatization operations and in the area of real estate. He is also co-coordinator of the Angolan Desk and the French Desk at Abreu Advogados. He focuses particularly on matters… Continue reading Bernardo de Arrochela Alegria

José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio

José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio is a Partner and has been focusing his practice on Corporate and M&A in Portugal. He works particularly on matters related to corporate law, mergers and acquisitions in Portugal, with special relevance in banking, transportation and hospitality sectors as well as in financing operations. He is co-coordinator of the financial… Continue reading José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio

José Eduardo Martins

José Eduardo Martins is a Partner and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2005 working primarily in the areas of Environmental, Commercial, and Real Estate Law and is one of the most vastly experienced Portuguese lawyers in the areas of environment, energy and natural resources. He is the Partner responsible for the Environmental Law practice… Continue reading José Eduardo Martins

Guilherme Santos Silva

Guilherme Santos Silva is a Partner and has been with Abreu Advogados since 2004 working primarily on matters related to commercial litigation and arbitration, commercial law, corporate, telecommunications, energy and maritime and transportation law. He focuses particularly on issues related to international and multi-jurisdictional commercial litigation, working on national and international judicial and arbitration proceedings.… Continue reading Guilherme Santos Silva

Francisco Patrício

Francisco Patrício is a Partner working primarily in restructuring and insolvency, real estate, corporate law and litigation, in Portugal and internationally. He joined Abreu Advogados in 2006. He has extensive experience in restructuring and insolvency in Portugal and internationally. He provides advice on an ongoing basis to a wide range of clients including some of… Continue reading Francisco Patrício

César Bessa Monteiro, jr

César Bessa Monteiro, jr is a Partner whose practice focuses on intellectual property in Portugal, as well as business structuring, restructuring operations and financial law. He focuses primarily on advising national and multinational companies on all types of commercial transborder transactions, specifically on global corporate structuring and integration projects, in projects for acquisition, mergers and… Continue reading César Bessa Monteiro, jr

Armando Martins Ferreira

Armando Martins Ferreira joined the law firm in 2000 and works primarily on matters related to competition and European law, digital economy, business structuring, intellectual property and commercial litigation. He co-heads the practice law area of Competition, Regulation and European Union and heads the industry sector dedicated to Digital Economy, Retail and Distribution. He has… Continue reading Armando Martins Ferreira

Pedro Pais de Almeida

Pedro Pais de Almeida is a Partner and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2008, working primarily in the areas of tax law, corporate, mergers and acquisitions and financial law. He is the Coordinating Partner of the Spanish Desks and is head of Abreu Advogados’ Sustainability Committee. He has experience in tax arbitration proceedings and… Continue reading Pedro Pais de Almeida