Practice Areas: Competition, Regulatory and EU

Type: Abreu News

Abreu Advogados signs a protocol with Eupportunity and extends its services in the EU affairs area

Abreu Advogados and Eupportunity signed a cooperation protocol in the EU affairs area, which foresees the collaboration between both entities in several areas, from advisory and consultancy projects to knowledge sharing and the development of training actions.

The protocol was signed at Abreu Advogados, in Lisbon, in the presence of Inês Sequeira Mendes, Managing Partner of Abreu Advogados, Luís Barreto Xavier, President of the Knowledge Institute, João Vacas, of Counsel at Abreu Advogados, Henrique Burnay and Luis Queiró, Senior Partners at Eupportunity.

On the advisory and consultancy area, Eupportunity and Abreu Advogados will collaborate on the preparation of applications to funding programs and on the identification of opportunities and possible partnerships.

Besides that, this protocol foresees a series of debates and training actions, with the contribution of Abreu Advogados’ Knowledge Institute, and a joint participation in specialized publications dedicated to European issues.

“Abreu Advogados pays special attention to European affairs and to monitoring European Union’s political and legislative agenda. With this partnership we will be closer to the information and opportunities, always bearing in mind the growing relevance of the EU in the daily life of people and companies”, said Inês Sequeira Mendes, Managing Partner of Abreu Advogados.

For Henrique Burnay, Senior Partner of Eupportunity, “almost all the legislation that matters to the economic activity comes from the European Institutions, where Portugal and several Portuguese people participate. With this partnership we will reinforce the purpose of knowing what matters in Portugal, be aware of what is going on in Brussels and contribute to a promote the interests of our economy”.