Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle

The fashion, luxury and lifestyle sector is a booming industry in which creativity and technological innovation combine to produce and consolidate well-known brands locally or in the global marketplace.

Abreu Advogados has extensive experience in advising Portuguese and foreign companies that manufacture or market fashion, luxury and lifestyle items.

The multidisciplinary group of Abreu Advogados is well versed in this sector, by combining experience and knowledge of different areas of practice. When consulting, the firm offers a global perspective that reflects a thorough knowledge of the market and the industry, and a real understanding of the client’s business operations.

The team focuses on maximising and protecting the client’s business. Abreu Advogados brings added value because of its in-depth knowledge of all phases of the business, both upstream and downstream. In that sense, it goes beyond being a simple legal adviser, and becomes a partner to its clients.

Abreu Advogados provides services such as tax benefits, litigation, distribution and franchising, taxation and social security, real estate and retail, internet activity, e-commerce and social networks, licensing, intellectual and industrial property, data protection and security, legislation and competition, corporate and commercial matters, and labour and employment.

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