Aviation, Maritime & Transportation

The increasing interdependence and the internationalization of the economies are leading to the intensification of activities related to international transportation, especially sea tranportation. On the other hand, the dynamics of air transport, with its multiplication of routes and the exponential increase in the number passengers and cargo volumes transported, adds importance to the role sea freight has to play.

The team at Abreu Advogados dealing with aviation, maritime and transportation law provides a broad range of legal services:

  • Ship-building contracts, contracts of purchase and sale, financing for the construction and acquisition of ships, mortgages, vessel registration, including registration in the “MAR” (International Ship Registry of Madeira);
  • Vessel use, charter parties, and commercial contracts related to maritime transport and maritime labour law;
  • Maritime litigation, including the seizure of ships, coercive collection of maritime claims, collision, liability, and national and international arbitration;
  • Recreational navigation (including construction, acquisition, classification and registration, as well as subsequent events) and maritime tourism;
  • Contracts relating to commercial aviation, including dry and wet leasing of aircraft, air passenger transportation and air freight, events and accidents, liability, as well as national and international litigation;
  • Contracts relating to the ownership of private aircraft, including fractional ownership agreements, regulatory issues and registrations;
  • National and international transport of goods by road (CMR Convention), including the transport of dangerous goods (ADR Agreement).


Abreu Advogados also supports other legal requirements of companies in this sector, and provides advice on corporate, financial, tax, competition, international trade, environmental and natural resources, cybersecurity and data protection issues.

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