Urban & Regional Planning

In recent years Portugal has undergone significant changes in urban landscape and in the tourist sector with the development of new projects or major urban renewal projects.

The development of new projects implies that particular attention should be given to the complex, and often amended, urban and land use planning requirements. The interaction with the different public entities, as well as the possible need to resort to court, reflects the importance of having global results-oriented legal services.

Abreu Advogados’ experienced and multidisciplinary team (tax, environment, administrative and real estate) is specialised in urban development and spatial planning and committed to providing legal advice to public and private entities on a wide range of matters, from the follow-up of licence applications for urban development projects (notably, planning, urbanization, and construction permissions) to the follow-up of investment projects (real estate, tourism, industrial, retail), as well as urban planning due diligences.

Abreu Advogados also advises on the drafting, amendment and revision of regulations of land use master plans, drafting, negotiation and execution of different types of agreements for urban developments (planning agreements and urbanization agreements) and expropriations in the public interest.

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