Oil & Gas

Despite ever-growing competition from other energy sources, the oil and gas industry continues to have a preponderant economic weight in many countries, including Portugal, and Portuguese-speaking countries where Abreu Advogados operates through Abreu Advogados’ international network. As a result, our lawyers have invaluable experience in accompanying national and foreign companies in the sector and across all the segments of the industry, through specialist multi-disciplinary teams with in-depth knowledge of the countries in which they operate.

As Portugal is not a producer of these resources, our work at home is focused essentially on accompanying financial transactions, advising on marketing, transport and storage activities, as well as on licensing issues.

In the international markets where we operate, particularly in oil and gas producing countries, our work also involves advising on finance contracts, production sharing agreements, concession contracts, participation agreements, operating contracts, unitisation agreements, subcontracting arrangements, storage agreements, and engineering and works contracts.

Abreu also stands out for its extensive experience in conducting relationships and negotiations with the Administration in the various parts of the world where it operates, which lends an obvious advantage to the companies and other entities that come to us for legal advice.

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