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Sara Soares is a Professional Partner and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2008. Her main focus is on tax advice and litigation.

She has extensive practical experience in VAT-related matters, including VAT exemptions applicable in internal operations in healthcare and related sectors, sports, education and real estate, as well as VAT related to imports, intra-EU transactions, and operations with public sector involvement. She has also participated in implementing oil and gas distribution companies in Portugal, as well as in tax litigation procedures related to special tariffs (such as the CESE – extraordinary tax on the energy sector), corporate tax and excise duties. She has also participated in investment projects in Mozambique regarding direct taxation and stamp duty.

Tax Law, Portugal (2022)

Work Experience

Advising a multinational company in the food sector and oil and gas distribution companies on matters relating to special tariffs, namely the CESE (extraordinary tax on the energy sector), the food security additional tax and other excise duties.

Advising multinational companies on tax matters related to financing within the scope of a major natural gas project in Mozambique.

Advising a multinational company in the context of one of the largest hydro-electric projects in Europe on taxation matters, specifically corporate tax, VAT and property tax.

Advising real estate companies, hotel chains and university residences on matters regarding property tax, VAT (including VAT treatment of compensations), corporate tax, as well as matters regarding related tax litigation.

Advising companies in the technology sector, mainly on VAT applicable to electronic services.

Advising companies in the healthcare sector on tax litigation related to VAT exemptions applicable to non-conventional therapies.

Advising companies of the waste sector on the VAT applying to its different kind of singular transactions.

Advising national entities on the VAT framework of sports which were just recently recognised as an Olympic sport.

Advising individual and corporate clients within the scope of indirect assessment of taxable income.

Advising on tax litigation related to corporate tax and VAT, specifically capital losses arising from restructuring operations, payments to non-residents, tax benefits, financial charges and intra-EU transfers to multinational groups in the areas of food, agriculture and livestock, and paper and pulp.


Academic Background

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Law degree (2008)

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Masters in Law. She defended her thesis, “On the renewal of tax acts annulled by judicial decision” (2011)

IDEFF - Instituto de Direito Económico, Financeiro e Fiscal da Faculdade de Direito de Lisboa

Postgraduate diploma in Tax Law  (2014)

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Post-graduation in International Customs Law (2021)