José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio

Partner | Lisbon

José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio is a Partner and has been focusing his practice on Corporate and M&A in Portugal. He works particularly on matters related to corporate law, mergers and acquisitions in Portugal, with special relevance in banking, transportation and hospitality sectors as well as in financing operations.

He is co-coordinator of the financial law and corporate law practice areas, as well as Mozambican Desk at Abreu Advogados.

He has experience in the area of commercial litigation to which he has dedicated a significant part of his career, as well in arbitration proceedings and he is a referenced arbitrator in a number of national arbitration centres.

José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio is involved in private investment operations in Angola and Mozambique, providing legal advice and supporting the interchange with lawyers at Abreu International Legal Solutions in those countries.

Abreu Advogados Mozambican Desk is known for its experience advising companies in corporate, real estate and energy matters. Its clients include major banks, airlines and construction companies. The firm also has recognised expertise in handling arbitration, finance and regulatory cases

In 2020, Best Lawyers ranked José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio for M&A Portugal.

José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio has been at Abreu Advogados since 2008.

Recommended Lawyer, Banking & Finance (2021-2022)

Recommended Lawyer, M&A (2021-2022)

Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Portugal (2016-2022)


Advising an international oil group on the acquisition of a competing company and petrol station and distribution network as project coordinator and lead for M&A, Corporate and business integration in Portugal.

Advising an international hospitality group on the acquisition and financing of a leading hotel group in the Algarve as well as negotiating and refinancing the hospitality group in Portugal, as project coordinator.

Advising a Portuguese insurance company on their internationalization project and on the acquisition and licensing of the insurance company in Angola and 2 insurance companies in Mozambique, providing legal support on the corresponding activities.

Advising a group in the aeronautical sector on the privatization process of the Portuguese Government’s holding in the Portuguese airline carrier as project coordinator and team lead.

Advising international banks in the corporate, financial and regulatory areas and advising on their day to day activities, as lead Partner for the client.

Advising an international bank on the acquisition of the retail bank business of a Portuguese affiliate of an international bank. He was responsible for the due diligence in the regulatory and compliance areas regarding the M&A in Portugal.

Advising an international bank on the acquisition process of the Portuguese Government’s holdings in a nationalized bank, as team lead and project coordinator.

Advising a services company on the acquisition of a number of delinquent credit portfolios from Portuguese banks and other entities.

Advising a Portuguese group in the food sector on general legal issues and on corporate and commercial matters as well as on the implementation of their internationalization project.

Advising Portuguese and international companies operating in Portugal and abroad in wide-ranging sectors regarding corporate and commercial matters on an ongoing basis including acquisition, reorganization and internationalization processes.

Monitoring several commercial arbitration proceedings as a legal representative of parties to the proceedings, in ad hoc arbitration as well as institutional arbitration both in Portugal and internationally through the International Chamber of Commerce.



Lusíada University

Law degree from the Lusíada University Faculty of Law (1989)

Lusíada University

Postgraduate degree in Community Litigation from the Centre for European Studies of Lusíada University (2000)