Credit Recovery

The Credit Recovery Department is part of the Litigation and Arbitration Practice Area, but works independently, with specialised lawyers dedicated exclusively to advising on credit recovery and organized into teams according to the needs of each client.

Credit Recovery follows a strict procedure, always aimed at maximizing the result for the client while ensuring that the services provided comply with the quality standards implemented by Abreu Advogados.

This department uses a tailor-made app created from scratch by the team, through which the client has real time access, in a swift, efficient and safe manner, to the status of its collection proceedings. The information can also be exported into an editable format.

We also offer pre-litigation services arising from breach of contracts executed by the client, including drafting of notices to debtors, followed by telephone calls to schedule meetings to conclude settlement agreements, as well as drafting and follow-up of payment arrangements.

We provide legal advice on the following main business sectors:

  • Banks;
  • Para banking entities and credit purchase financing companies;
  • Leasing, long term rental and renting companies;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Hospitals;
  • Telecommunications companies;
  • Service providers (construction, energy, printing and image, etc.);
  • Trade companies in a wide range of products.

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