Miriam Costa

Senior Associate Lawyer | Lisbon

Practice Areas
Litigation and Arbitration
Credit Recovery
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

Miriam Costa is a Senior Associate Lawyer and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2011, working primarily in matters related to civil litigation, credit recovery, insolvency and company recovery.

She advises many credit and financial institutions, national and international companies and private clients.

She has extensive experience on advising on pre-litigation and litigation cases.

She has led a number of extrajudicial negotiations, restructuring operations and assignment of credits and represents clients in court in the context of litigations filed before Portuguese courts.

She assists clients in different levels of appeals in declarative and executive actions (common and fiscal), injunction proceedings, probate proceedings, protective orders, insolvency proceedings and specific revitalization procedures.


Advising a branch of an English bank in Luxembourg under the scope of litigations arising  from consumer credit.

Advising a financial credit institutions and a company specializing in long term leasing, renting and fleet management, both held by one of the largest French and European Groups.

Advising a number of Portuguese banks under the scope of litigations arising from several security backed and non-security backed financial products (movable and immovable property, leasing & factoring, securities, diverse contracts).

Advising a French credit recovery company under the scope of a litigation arising from a breach of contract by a Portuguese company against the French company.

Advising a private client under the scope of an acknowledgement action by Portuguese courts of the workability of the sentences passed by a German court to enforce assets located in Portuguese territory.

Advising the Spanish subsidiary of an Italian financial company under the scope of recovering credits acquired and held by public law legal entities arising from the provision of services and goods provided in the healthcare sector.

Advising national and international companies, featuring among them a Portuguese company in the information technology sector, an Italian company in the metal sector and a French film production company under the scope of litigations arising from a breach of contract.


Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Law degree (2008)

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Postgraduate degree in Legal Sciences (2009)

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Master’s in Forensic Laws (2010)