Sea Economy

The sea is a natural point of expansion for Portugal and it was here that we discovered our vocation and saw our biggest and most successful period of social and economic growth. Over twenty years have gone by since Portugal established the Oceans theme for Expo ’98 and several projects have been developed since then, both by the Administration and the private sector, with a view to developing a marine economy that will lend expression to our irrefutable vocation for the sea.

It is worth highlitining that the rise in both merchant shipping and holiday voyages (more visible today owing to the considerable rise in the number of cruise ships docking in Lisbon and Oporto), the development or renovation of important shipping and port infrastructure, the development of new sea-based activities, such as aquafarming, energy production (at wave farms or offshore wind parks) and the progress in R&D, at the universities but also in the private sector.

Abreu Advogados has ridden this wave since its inception and contributed to the debate about and to the development of marine economics in Portugal. Its multi-disciplinary form of organisation, ties with the universities and its own particular experience in environment law has enabled it to generate and accumulate a wealth of experience and know-how in this area, working with public and private clients in a wide variety of areas connected to marine economics.

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