Spanish Desk

The historical socioeconomic relationship between Portugal and Spain and the growing challenges posed by the demands of the legal framework on Spanish businesses and citizens led to the creation of Abreu Advogados’ Spanish Desk.

The team is fluent in the Spanish language and has a vast knowledge of the Spanish market, of its trends, businesses and people, culture and current related challenges. We have experience consolidated from many years of legal advice to Spanish clients.

The desk is aimed particularly at the infrastructure, agribusiness, construction, energy, transport, shipping, banking and capital markets, pharmaceutical, distribution, retail, real estate and tourism sectors. Our team works in close collaboration with diverse practices and sectors at Abreu Advogados, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach and full service to all clients, whether they be businesses or private Spanish language individuals interested in investing in Portugal and in Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as Portuguese clients with interests in Spain and in Spanish-speaking countries.

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