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Abreu Advogados is one of the 40 most innovative law firms in Europe

Abreu Advogados was one of the firms in the spotlight at this year’s Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards ceremony, which rewards and distinguishes the most innovative law firms and projects in European legal practice.

Abreu Advogados was ranked 31st among the top 40 most innovative law firms in Europe, and third among the four independent Portuguese firms in this year’s ranking. Also of note is the fourth position among the eight law firms on the Iberian Peninsula that see their work of innovation recognised at a European level this year.

The law firm was also a finalist in three of the main categories in competition – “People management Award”, “Practice of Law: Market Firsts” and “Most Innovative Law Firm in Europe (outside UK)” – in a clear recognition by the market and the sector of Abreu Advogados’ innovation.

The FT Innovative Lawyers Europe 2022 is among the most important and reputable international awards and rankings, with the with the rigour and quality of the Financial Times team and involving a consistent and thorough process of research and interviews.

See the results here.