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Academia dos Champs


Academia dos Champs is a project of social inclusion aimed at children and young people between 5 and 18 years old, founded in 2009.


“Through the practice of tennis, our principal objective involves demonstrating all of the benefits of embracing sport as a philosophy of life and aims to offer pupils a real and concrete possibility of overcoming their own limits, opening their horizons to new, better and more structured life perspectives.

The role undertaken by Abreu Advogados has been vital since the beginning. From the drafting of statutes to the initial registration of the brand and logo, to the review of protocols established in the meantime with public and private partners, Abreu Advogados has always embraced the role of being one of Academia dos Champs’ bulwarks.”


Antonio Champalimaud

Founder and president of the Academia dos Champs



CAIS is a key project focused on social inclusion, offering the marginalised homeless population a means of social re-inclusion through work: the CAIS magazine.


“The support of Abreu Advogados, from the beginnings of life of the CAIS association, has been for all of us, the team, users and volunteers, of extraordinary value and is a major example, that we have witnessed again and again, of an organisation that truly has corporate social responsibility as part of its DNA. The rapid and professional response to very diverse questions concerning the life of the association and its users, has made a very real and extremely relevant contribution for the results of social and professional inclusion that we’re so proud of year after year.”


Conceição Cordeiro

Former Executive Director of the CAIS Association

Crescer a estuDAR


Crescer a estuDAR is a youth association that has as its objective to promote education and schooling of deprived youths in countries with Portuguese as an official language, in particular, through receiving donations, collections and delivery of school equipment, aiming to contribute to the improvement of learning conditions.


IES – Instituto de Empreendedorismo Social – is a school focused on social innovation that aims to inspire and train agents of change, solving social problems via innovative and sustainable solutions.

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