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In Association with Siqueira Castro Advogados since 2012.

In 2012, Abreu Advogados entered into a partnership with the largest Law Firm in Brazil, Siqueira Castro Advogados, to provide legal services to the Clients of both firms, with particular focus on the Brazilian market. The partnership is founded on common principles which are based on a culture of meritocracy, and on the expertise and qualifications of the teams in the main areas of business law, a professional management and technological innovation, along with an efficient pro bono policy. The common language and cultural affinity between the two countries makes the advantages of this partnership particularly relevant.

Created within the scope of the firm’s international growth strategy, the Brazilian Desk at Abreu Advogados counts on a dedicated team of professionals with experience and know-how in the Brazilian market, to provide Portuguese companies with all of the legal assistance necessary to establish and develop business activities in Brazil. The Firm also provides legal advice to Brazilian companies investing in Portugal (which acts as a gateway to European Union markets, with more than 500 million consumers). Additionally, Abreu Advogados has a resident team of Brazilian lawyers in its offices in Portugal, who have been admitted to the Bar Association in Portugal and Brazil.

The Partners heading the coordination and communications that fall within the scope of the Partnership with Siqueira Castro Advogados are Duarte de Athayde, Miguel Teixeira de Abreu and Rui Peixoto Duarte.

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