Diogo Adegas dos Santos

Diogo Adegas dos Santos has been an associate at Abreu Advogados since 2021, working primarily on debt collection and insolvency litigation, focusing on mortgage debt and consumer debt. He has experience in credit management and recovery in the healthcare, insurance and real estate sectors, while also practicing litigation on a broader spectrum. On a day-to-day… Poursuivre la lecture de Diogo Adegas dos Santos

João de Mello Vieira Barreiras

João Vieira Barreiras has been an associate at Abreu Advogados since 2021, working mainly in the litigation area. João Barreiras has been involved in insolvency and credit recovery proceedings. He is also particularly interested in sports law matters.

Tomás Lisboa Martins

Tomás Lisboa Martins joined Abreu Advogados in june 2021 as an Associate Lawyer, working mainly in banking litigation. He focuses his practice on matters relating to banking litigation, namely in credit recovery proceedings and monitoring insolvency. His work also involves the daily monitoring of proceedings at all procedural stages, and one-off interventions in due diligence… Poursuivre la lecture de Tomás Lisboa Martins

Telmo Coutinho Rodrigues

Telmo Coutinho Rodrigues is an Associate Lawyer and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2016, working mainly on matters relating to public law, in the areas of general administrative law, environmental law, energy & natural resources, public procurement, as well as planning law.

António Vidal

António Vidal joined Abreu Advogados in 2017, and has been an Associate Lawyer since 2019. He works mainly on matters in the areas of Commercial Law and Civil Litigation. He has been particularly involved in matters related with procedures for incorporating and implementing companies in Portugal, providing advice on day-to-day matters in the life of companies,… Poursuivre la lecture de António Vidal

Rui Cardinal Carvalho

Rui Cardinal Carvalho has been at Abreu Advogados since 2017. During his career he has focused on matters related with the following areas: Corporate, Commercial Law, M&A and Litigation/Arbitration, providing advice in corporate restructuring operations and litigation.

Pedro Tavares Pereira

Pedro Tavares Pereira is an Associate Lawyer and has been with Abreu since 2020, working mainly in Litigation and Corporate law. He intervenes regularly in dispute resolution, representing several national and international clients, in negotiation and pre-litigation proceedings, as well as providing legal representation in judicial proceedings, regarding civil and commercial matters, as well as… Poursuivre la lecture de Pedro Tavares Pereira

Vasco Sousa Vieira

Vasco Sousa Vieira is an Associate Lawyer and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2018, working mainly in the Litigation and Arbitration practice area.

Nuno Valentim

Valentim is an Associate Lawyer and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2017. He works in all aspects of litigation, but primarily in areas dealing with civil law, executive law and insolvency law. He regularly works on litigation cases between companies, or between companies and individuals, particularly when in regards to non-compliance with loan agreements… Poursuivre la lecture de Nuno Valentim