Abreu Advogados Madeira

Abreu Advogados Madeira is one of the principal firms in Madeira, with major knowledge of the local reality and its challenges and the accumulated experience of 50 years of business in the region, the most reputable local lawyers and investment of Abreu Advogados in the autonomous region of Madeira.

In response to the needs of its clients and partners with business in the autonomous region of Madeira, Abreu Advogados Madeira is, since January 2021, formally a firm with regional autonomy, something which results from a relationship of solid, successful work, as well as shared values, ethical standards and professional rigour between Abreu Advogados and the local team.

Collaborating on a daily basis with the national and international network of Abreu Advogados, the Abreu Madeira team guarantees the provision of excellent legal services in all areas of law, with multidisciplinary teams specialised according to the needs of each client, whether they be businesses or private individuals, resident in the autonomous region of Madeira or foreign investors with interests in the region.

The firm also has significant experience advising private clients from the regional diaspora resident in other countries and continents, specifically Central and South America.

Led by the partners Ana Flor, José Miguel Tropa, Micaela Afonso and Ricardo Vieira, the firm is made up of a team of around 15 lawyers.

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