Driverless Cars – Mobility, AI and Ethical Issues

Abreu Advogados and IE Law School would like to invite you to attend the Conference Driverless Cars – Mobility, AI and Ethical Issues, on 5 December, at Abreu’s Auditorium in Lisbon.

AI is currently at an experimental stage, but at the same time its progress is rapid. A development of AI in several fields is expected, from the military sector with killer-robots and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones to non-military use of robots in a number of governmental functions like border control, search and rescue, fire-fighting, ground traffic surveillance, and pollution control.

Automated cars or driverless cars are undoubtedly the most popularized use of AI. This is a trillion dollar market being driven by the government, manufacturers and a number of technological startup companies, with the aim of making roads safer, travel easier whilst saving substantial amounts of money.

But which criteria should determine ethical and liability rules for intelligent cars?  Should the owner of the intelligent car be liable?  Or it is anticipated that the degree of autonomy of cars and accordingly the level of instructions and education provided by other parties will determine the liability?

Join us to discuss the core policy issues that emerged with the appearance of the first driverless cars, from the academic, business, legal and regulatory viewpoints.