Luís Gonçalves da Silva

Counsel | Lisbonne

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Droit du Travail
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Luís Gonçalves da Silva is an Of Counsel and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2013, working primarily on labour law.

He focuses particularly on disciplinary procedures, terminations of employment contracts and collective bargaining law, especially in collective contracting. He participates in different collective bargaining negotiations aimed at achieving collective bargaining agreements.

He has extensive experience in advising companies in various sectors and employers’ associations and workers’ unions.

He has also performed several academic functions, having been a professor at the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Law for around 22 years, with particular focus, in more recent years – since 2013 – on Labour Law I, II (undergraduate degree) and III (chair of the Masters Course in Law and Legal Practice). He is also a regular speaker at conferences and postgraduate courses, in particular at the law faculties of the University of Lisbon, the Catholic University of Portugal (Porto) and Universidade Nova, and also at the Labour Law Institute of the Lisbon Law Faculty (IDT), the Private Law Research Centre of the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Law (CIDP), and National Congresses on Labour Law. He is also the executive coordinator of the IDT’s postgraduate course.

Labor and Employment Law, Portugal (2020-2022)


Presiding arbitrator in various cases of arbitration within the scope of the Portuguese Economic and Social Council.

Advisor to the Portuguese Secretary of State for Labour and in this capacity contributing to the drafting of the 2003 Labour Code and ancillary legislation, having participated in the negotiations on this and other legislation as a member of the Standing Committee for Social Dialogue.

Member of the Regulatory Council of the Regulatory Entity for Social Communication - ERC, elected by the Assembly of the Republic.

Chairing working groups created by the Government of the Republic of Portugal to prepare the various proposals on legislative reform in respect of the Labour Code.


Études et formation

Autonomous University of Lisbon

Law degree from Autonomous University of Lisbon (1995)

University of Lisbon

Master degree in Law from University of Lisbon, Faculty of Law (1999)

University of Lisbon

PhD in Law (Legal Sciences) from University of Lisbon, Faculty of Law (2013)