José M. Raimundo

José M. Raimundo is a Senior Associate lawyer at Abreu Advogados since 2021 in the Real Estate area. José M. Raimundo has been praticing since 2003 in all áreas of the Law and has been particularly focused in the Real Estate sector over the last fifteen years. The lawyer has been assisting private clientes, companies… Seguir leyendo José M. Raimundo

Teresa Arrochella

Teresa Arrochella has been an Associate at Abreu Advogados since 2021, working primarily on debt collection litigation. Has vast experience in the areas of Civil Litigation, Debt Collection, Restructuring and Insolvency. Especially focused on litigation of Debt Collection resulting from bank financing, leasing, provision of services or supply of goods to individuals and companies, as… Seguir leyendo Teresa Arrochella

Pedro Alvim

Pedro Alvim has been with Abreu since 2021, working essentially in the areas of commercial and corporate law, including M&A operations, corporate reorganization and restructuring, as well as negotiating civil and commercial contracts. Pedro Alvim has been working mainly on matters of Commercial and Corporate Law. It also provides regular legal support in Corporate and… Seguir leyendo Pedro Alvim

Elsa Sá Carneiro

Elsa Sá Carneiro is an Associate Lawyer and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2008, working mainly in civil law, civil litigation, and corporate commercial litigation. Elsa is particularly involved in indemnity actions based on contractual and non-contractual liability, producer liability and obligations in general. It also has a long experience in monitoring litigation on… Seguir leyendo Elsa Sá Carneiro

Miriam Costa

Miriam Costa is a Senior Associate since 2020 and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2011 working primarily in matters related to civil litigation, credit recovery, insolvency and company recovery. She advises many credit and financial institutions, national and international companies and private clients. She has extensive experience on advising on pre-litigation and litigation cases.… Seguir leyendo Miriam Costa

Sara Gonçalves

Sara Gonçalves is a Senior Associate Lawyer at Abreu Advogados. She joined the firm in 2019 and works primarily on litigation and debt collection in the area of civil litigation. She has advises, represents and provides legal counsel on all types of credit recovery judicial proceedings.

Carla dos Santos Aires

Carla dos Santos Aires is a Senior Associate Lawyer and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2013 working primarily in insolvent debt litigation, with experience in debt recovery, civil litigation, tax litigation, insolvency and business recovery, and large portfolios held by leading financial and credit institutions in Portugal. She is highly experienced with mortgage debt… Seguir leyendo Carla dos Santos Aires

Bruno Miguel Barreira

Bruno Miguel Barreira is a Senior Associate Lawyer and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2017. For about a decade, he has been working in close collaboration with one of the major Portuguese banking institutions, to whom he has provided all necessary advice required by the client. He has extensive experience in litigation, debt recovery… Seguir leyendo Bruno Miguel Barreira

João Gonçalves de Assunção

João Gonçalves de Assunção is a Senior Associate and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2000 working in arbitration, litigation, and commercial law. Since 2007, he has focused on the areas of intellectual property and TMT (technology, media and telecommunications). Under the aegis of Abreu Advogados’ international network, he has been on secondment at C&C… Seguir leyendo João Gonçalves de Assunção

José Maria Alves Pereira

José Maria Alves Pereira is a Senior Associate Lawyer and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2017 working mainly in the areas of data privacy and data protection, e-commerce, consumer law, media, advertising, information technology and the internet. He has extensive practical experience in the areas of e-commerce, consumer law, media, advertising, information technology and… Seguir leyendo José Maria Alves Pereira