Cristina Faria

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Contencioso & Arbitraje
Recuperación de créditos
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Cristina Faria is an Associate Lawyer at Abreu Advogados. She joined the firm in 2019 and works primarily on debt collection, leading and directing judicial actions to recover debt.

Her experience includes the Compliance department of a Fund Management Company of Securities Investment on Secondment.


Advising and representing clients in real estate litigation related to the collection of co-ownership shares in condominiums, breach of contracts due to default on rents or failure to execute works.

Assisting Real Estate Brokers with drafting and negotiating contracts.

Representing clients at Condominium Meetings.

Providing advice related to banking with regards to registering property and bank loans.


Formación académica

University of Lisbon Faculty of Law

Law degree from the University of Lisbon Faculty of Law (2013)

Catholic University Faculty of Law

Masters in Forensic Law from the the Catholic University Faculty of Law, Lisbon (2017)

Lusíada University Faculty of Law

Attended a post-graduate preparation course to become a career Justice Auditor at Lusíada University Faculty of Law, Lisbon (2018)