Elisa Pereira

Elisa Pereira is an Associate and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2008 working primarily in Commercial Law (Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions) Intellectual Property and Information Technology. Currently she is a Local Partner at Abreu e C&C Advogados Timor-Leste within the context of Abreu International Legal Solutions. Since 2014 Elisa Pereira has been co-head of… Continue reading Elisa Pereira

Micaela Afonso

Micaela Afonso is a Partner at Abreu Advogados Madeira, working primarily litigation in its different domains, specifically in the areas of commercial, corporate, employment, and insolvency law and civil law in which she focuses primarily on contract law. She has also participated in corporate restructuring processes as they relate to corporate, commercial, civil and employment… Continue reading Micaela Afonso

Ana Flor

Ana Flor is a Partner at Abreu Advogados Madeira, working mainly in real estate law, and general and family litigation. Her experience focuses on the procedures involved in legalising real estate, whether by judicial or extra judicial means; she coordinates the registry and notarial services in Funchal. She has provided advice on the Golden Visa… Continue reading Ana Flor