Rui Messias

Associated Partner | Lisbon

Rui Messias is an Associated Partner and has joined Abreu Advogados in 2002 as an Associate Lawyer, Consultant and Senior Associate. He has also served as a legal director on the board of a national real estate group.

He works primarily in civil, commercial and criminal litigation, with a special focus on financial matters, including bank financing and various types of financial products. He works with multidisciplinary teams on large legal cases, involving commercial, financial and administrative matters. He also works on revitalisation procedures and insolvency proceedings, particularly those involving financial institutions operating in different jurisdictions. He has litigation experience regarding matters of maritime law and transport law in general. He has also been involved in major crime cases which attracted media attention.

He has considerable experience advising on considerable real estate transactions in agriculture, forestry and tourism resorts. He also advises on the restructuring of large-scale bank liabilities.

Work Experience

Advising a German multinational in the civil construction sector on legal proceedings brought against it by a competitor alleging unfair competition due to infringement arising from expired patents.

Advising a Norwegian shipowner regarding legal proceedings against a Portuguese shipyard, relating to a contract for the construction of high-technology fishing vessels for North Sea fishing.

Advising an Australian shipyard on an international public tender for the construction of catamarans intended for sailing in Portuguese waters, and on subsequent legal actions relating to the cancellation of this public tender.

Advising a multinational American and British bank in legal proceedings against an international investor based in the Middle East, the proceedings arose from joint investments carried out in the audio-visual markets in Germany and Italy and associated with Portugal by reason of the financial instruments used for such investments.

Advising a Canadian venture capital fund in legal proceedings against the directors of a Portuguese telecommunications company, involving shareholder insolvency in Canada and an American competing fund.

Advising a Portuguese real estate group within the scope of a complete restructure of its banking liabilities, involving executive proceedings and oppositions.

Advising a group of European venture capital investors in the context of legal proceedings and arbitrations in which the investment fund manager was the opposing party.

Advising management of a Portuguese financial group on criminal proceedings relating to economic and financial crimes involving about two dozen defendants.

Advising an international Arab investor in the scope of judicial insolvency proceedings of companies belonging to its group brought against it by a banking syndicate.

Advising international institutional investors on administrative judicial actions to annul resolutions passed by the relevant regulating authority regarding the national bank and subsequent liquidation claims, in addition to advising the bank on its liquidation.


Academic Background

Lusíada University

Law degree from Lusíada University, Lisbon (1995)

University of Lisbon  Faculty of Law

Post-Graduation in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Lisbon  Faculty of Law (1998)