Ana Simões Ferreira

Professional Partner | Lisbon

Ana Simões Ferreira is a Professional Partner and has been at Abreu Advogados since 2011, working mainly on Public Tender matters, and regulations regarding the environment and health.

She has extensive experience in consulting government bodies on Public Tenders and contractual performance, providing contract-related advice, advising on amendments to contracts and contract renegotiation to restore financial equilibrium. She has also assisted private entities with tender submissions to public entities, and has helped with the drafting of tender bids. She has also provided legal advice to all clients requiring tender-related services.

She has been closely involved in the licensing of private healthcare facilities and managing the relationship between the facilities and regulatory and other bodies.

She has consulted various organizations on waste management and on matters related to licenses for their activity, and has dealt with the sector’s regulatory bodies on the client’s behalf.

She has extensive experience in general administrative litigation.

Work Experience

Advising various contracting entities in different sectors on matters of public procurement.

Consulting throughout the implementation of several high-value works contracts in co-financed projects.

Advising various waste management entities on regulations governing their activity.

Advising a major investment group in the health sector on matters related to share acquisition, licensing, registration, waste, medical liability and participation in public tender procedures.

Managing the regulatory aspects of the purchase and sale of shares in companies in the health sector.

Advising on processes relating to recognition of professional qualifications in the European Union.

Advising various public entities on pre-inspection processes by the Court of Auditors.

Advising a food retail company on general matters, including advertising, consumption, promotional sales. licensing, and the environment.

Consulting on various issues in administrative litigation in areas such as public procurement, civil liability, medical liability, and submitting appeals to administrative acts and regulations in general.

Academic Background

University of Lisbon

Law degree from University of Lisbon, Faculty of Law (2001)

Portuguese Catholic University

Master of Laws (LL.M) from Portuguese Catholic University, Global School of Law; Lisbon (2017)