Marta Castro Henriques

Associate Lawyer | Lisbon

Practice Areas
Real Estate
  • English

Marta Castro Henriques is an Associate Lawyer at Abreu Advogados since 2019, working primarily on real estate operations.

Marta has accompanied and provided advice to clients in various real estate operations.

She provides assistance to investors in the acquisition of real estate properties with a view to developing real estate projects, operations in which she monitors the various stages of the transactions through due diligence processes, advising on real estate investment in accordance with the legal and urban planning framework and ensuring the negotiation and drafting of various contracts and the establishment of rights in rem.

Marta also reveals particularly relevant experience in real estate operations that have rural and mixed properties as their object.

In addition, she provides secondment services to companies dedicated to the asset and property management of shopping centres and retail parks


Advice on real estate matters (purchases and sales, constitution of various rights in rem, constitution of urban buildings under horizontal property regime, lease agreements, shopping centres, tourist resorts, etc.).

Advice on condominium matters.

Assistance in real estate operations involving mixed and rural buildings.

Assisting companies dedicated to the asset and property management of shopping centres and retail parks.

Advising on urban planning issues (regularisation of undertakings, warehouses and other real estate with the competent authorities).

Assistance in tax matters - related to property taxes - including rectifications of deeds, registry entries, land registries, other registries, participation in IMI, including the delivery of IMI Form 1.


University of Lisbon Faculty of Law

Law degree (2017)

Maastricht University

Completing the Curricular phase of an LL.M in Globalization and Law.