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This is an initiative in which everyone can join

Abreu Advogados will join Acreditar Association and make a contribution to help build a bigger house to welcome children and young people with cancer, families and friends. Since 2003, in only 12 rooms at the Lisbon “Casa Acreditar”, 436 families have already been received and Acreditar is currently facing the challenge of increasing the Lisbon house to a capacity of 32 rooms and 120 families per year. In addition to the Society’s contribution, Abreu is also involving its employees in a collective initiative that will revert to this project.

Every year in Portugal, there are approximately 400 children and young people diagnosed with cancer, and many of these families have to travel to Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Funchal so that their children can receive treatment. Abreu Advogados gives its support to this important association, which promotes the well-being and emotional support to the families of children and young people with cancer.