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Lisbon, Law and Tech 2023: the impact of generative AI on the creative industries

The 5th edition of Lisbon, Law & Tech took place on 7, 8 and 9 November, dedicated to debating the impact of AI in sectors such as banking and financial services, the creative industries and the legal profession.

In a conversation moderated by Helder Galvão, of Counsel at Abreu Advogados, Pedro Abrunhosa, president of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Society of Authors, warned that Generative AI could be an “obstacle” to good political and democratic practices”. Pedro Abrunhosa also said that “The machine may have the lexicon, but it doesn’t have the semantics. We can’t recognise its originality. It’s an imitator,” emphasising that, even so, he sees the usefulness of this technology that feeds on algorithms.

The panel also included Ana Rita Bessa, who was “in favour” of regulations that weigh up interests, because it’s a balance between the evolution of technological production and the ability to regulate it.

Anísio Franco, curator at the National Museum of Ancient Art, and Nuno Fonseca, Founder/CEO at Sound Particles, also joined the debate.


Watch the full video here.