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Abreu Advogados is the first law firm in Portugal with a carbon neutral website

Abreu Advogados has obtained a carbon neutrality certification for its website by joining the global initiative “CO2 Neutral Website” and has become the first law firm in Portugal to have a carbon neutral website.

This certification guarantees that all carbon emissions caused by the website’s operations and runnning are subsequently financially compensated by Abreu Advogados, with this investment being allocated to sustainability projects supported by the “CO2 Neutral Website” worldwide. The calculation of carbon emissions is based on the total number of monthly page views of the site and takes into account an algorithm that involves, on the one hand, the energy consumed by each web visitor, and on the other, the electricity spent by the servers and routers that enable online connections.

The projects supported by the “CO2 Neutral Website” are verified by independent auditors from the United Nations and are based on several initiatives that always aim to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. We highlight, for example, the projects for drinking water access in Africa, namely in Uganda and Zimbabwe, and the incentive programs for reforestation and development of new renewable energy sources all over the world.

“The defense of sustainability cannot be done in an abstract manner, it must be deployed into concrete actions that can promote the sustainable development of our activity. By ensuring the carbon neutrality of our website, we take another step towards the consolidation of Abreu Advogados’ sustainability strategy, which has accompanied us throughout our 29-year history. We work actively to create a positive impact on society and contribute to its sustainable development. This is the mark we want to leave on the world”, says Pedro Pais de Almeida, partner and head of the Sustainability Committee at Abreu Advogados.

Abreu Advogados joins more than 2,500 companies worldwide in the carbon neutral certification of the site. The entire process, including the calculations and the subsequent investment in sustainability projects, is audited annually by an independent audit company.