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Abreu Advogados advises on sustainability project presented at COP26

Abreu Advogados is currently providing legal advice on a carbon sustainability initiative for the Autonomous Region of Príncipe, which will now be presented at a side event of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, at COP 26 in Glasgow.

The advisory team for the “Roadmap for Carbon Sustainability on Príncipe Island” is led by José Eduardo Martins, Partner at Abreu Advogados, Mário João Fernandes, Of Counsel, and Raquel Barroso, Associate.

With the aim of promoting sustainable growth based on climate action, this project was implemented by the Regional Directorate for the Environment and Nature Conservation of the Autonomous Region of Príncipe, in partnership with the Efrican Foundation and financed by the Portuguese Environmental Fund.

The role of Abreu Advogados included defining the scope and the work to be performed in the various sectors of activity and for the energy matrix, as well as the inputs for the preparation of questionnaires and the selection of samples and for the training of local teams. At the same time, Abreu Advogados analysed the sector’s development plans, the survey of legal diplomas and other documents related to the sectors.

In a second phase, Abreu Advogados analysed and systematised the information obtained through these elements, focusing especially on the environmental and energy sectors.

The presentation of this roadmap will have as speakers the Ministers of Environment and Climate Action of Portugal and São Tomé and Príncipe, the President of the Autonomous Region of Príncipe, the Regional Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Autonomous Region of Príncipe, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action of Portugal and entities implementing the project.

This side event will take place at 6.30pm on 10 November in hybrid format.

To watch the presentation, please access here.