Target Gender Equality

Abreu Advogados joined TARGET GENDER EQUALITY a Gender Equality accelerator programme for business, conceived exclusively for the members of the United Nations Global Compact globally.

Through this programme we want to contribute to SDG 5 | Goal 5, which demands representation, participation and equal leadership in organisations worldwide: Guaranteeing full and effective participation of women and equality of opportunity for leadership at all levels in decision making in political, economic and public life.

β€œAt Abreu Advogados we defend gender equality because diversity allows for an exchange of ideas that is essential to our growth and creativity. We believe fully in the participation, recognition and appreciation of men and women in all areas of society - political, economic, employment, personal and family. In a society in which there is a persistence of professions which tend to be female and those that tend to be male, we recognise the importance of values intrinsic to non-discrimination between men and women. This is what we have always done. We were the first law firm in Portugal with a woman as Manging Partner and Chairperson. Currently, 40% of leadership roles are occupied by women. By joining Target Gender Equality we want to continue along this path, reinforcing our commitment and finding the opportunity to strengthen our contribution to SDG 5 |Goal 5 (Sustainable Development Goals – Goal 5: Gender equality), that demands equal representation, participation and leadership in organisations worldwide: guaranteeing the full and effective participation of women and equality of opportunity in leadership at all levels of decision-making in politics, economics and public life.”

Duarte de Athayde - Managing Partner Abreu Advogados

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