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Abreu Advogados supports and hosts Healthy & Sustainable Living Survey Portugal

Abreu Advogados will host the launch of the report Healthy & Sustainable Living Survey Portugal, which will take place this Tuesday, October 18, at the Auditorium of Abreu Advogados head office building in Lisbon. This report includes the opinion of consumers from 30 countries in the five continents and is the most extensive worldwide in gauging the perceptions and behaviours of citizens regarding environmental, economic and social concerns, as well as barriers to the adoption of a healthier and sustainable life. Abreu Advogados Partner, José Eduardo Martins, will be responsible for the opening of the event, which is supported by Abreu Advogados.

GlobeScan and the Portuguese consulting firm NBI (Natural Business Intelligence) established this partnership which allowed the inclusion of Portugal, for the first time, in the “Healthy & Sustainable Living” (H&SL) report, supported by Ageas, EDP and Abreu Advogados.  The partnership established for the survey of one thousand adult citizens in Portugal (30 thousand globally), helped to identify ways to bridge the gap between people’s desire to live more sustainably and the concrete measures through which brands and civil society can help them.

Follow online the presentation of the results of the Healthy & Sustainable Living Survey Portugal and register here.

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